2014 News, Layout […]

Hey! What’s up, dear blog?! It’s been such a long time since my last post here, right? (This is my classical quote). But well, new year, new life, new layout… It’s so good to change sometimes. On this last year a lot of things happened, but I’m not going to talk about that. Past is past. So, let’s focus in the present, in this new and beautiful year. I’ve so much things to do, starting with my college. I’ll start my internship in this next semester, but I’m trying not to freak out. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but I’ll need to. This thing influences my job because as you know I’m an English teacher. So, all I know is that I don’t know anything \o/ But one thing I’m sure: I need to save money. I have many things to do and to buy. I know that it’s not good to be a material girl, but somethings are really necessary, like to do a dental implant (creepy, I know). AND another things such as buying books, plushies and bedroom furniture it’s not so important, just a little bit. Anyway, I’ll try to save money, because I also like to go to cafeterias with my boyfriend, and hang out with him. I need to live, right? Being a teacher is not easy, but I love it! (I deserve my vacations kkk). Okay! So to finish, I need to comment that I adored this new layout <3 And I’ll let here some pictures of December, 31st at my boyfriend’s house.

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First Post, 2013

So this is my first post of 2013, please be welcome! Suddenly, while I was watching the finale episode of HIMYM, Season 8,  I felt like doing a blog, but then I remember that I already have one (since 3 years ago, hell yeah!). So here I am. Last year it happened a lot of things with me, most of it you already know because I came here to visit once in awhile. I started a new college and I’m loving it. I also found a boyfriend (actually, he found me!) and it was a big surprise when this happened. And well, I had my first Valentine’s day, my first bday dating, and a lot of other stuff… But I’m here to talk about Chirstmas and New Years. This last Xmas we spent at my home, with my bf’s family, and so my dad and mom. It was a wonderful night! I loved the experience, and I want more! They’re so friendy and kind, a very special family. And the next time together didn’t take so long to happen, because at New Years it was my time to spent at their home. I met other part of his family, and was a great night, too. <Pause for break. How I had missed to write in English! For God’s sake… I need to improve somehow >_< Now!> Coming back to that night… I cooked a pasta for dinner. It’s a recipe that I learned with a friend of mine. This pasta sauce is so delicious that I already made twice! Haha After dinner, we went to see a movie at the restroom. “The Mist”, based on Stephen King’s book. Awesome! Just it. We stopped to count the seconds to midnight, it’s always fun. Best part of night, kissing my boyfriend when the clock said “00:00”. I love him so much, and I’m totally happy to be with him. We passed through a lot of things to get where we are now, and I don’t regret nothing. Maybe one or two things, haha, it doesn’t matter. We just have to look to the future from now on. Well, I think I have write enough for today. It’s just the second day of a full calendar! Bring it on!

<While I was writing, I was listening to Maroon 5 songs.>

Oh! How can I forget the pictures? There’s a lot of! Haha



Have a great year!